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Chinese Characters Magnetic Game ATG152


The Chinese Characters Magnetic Game helps students learn to form and understand the structure of Chinese characters. Young children can use the magnets to build more than 1,000 characters by matching the upper and lower, the left and right and the surrounding structures on the magnetic cardboard. This game provides a great way for children to visualize character structure and ultimately learn to write Chinese characters, while having lots of fun. The set contains six colored magnetic Chinese radicals card stocks, a magnetic board top and a Chinese characters booklet in Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin.

在组合积木的过程中,不仅仅要想的到,更要能做的到。让孩子把机子所想到的通过自己的小手来实现它,这就提高了孩子的创造力,也鼓励孩子能不断创新,不断的成长。 通过拼搭,在玩积木的过程中,让孩子能从抽象的形态联想到实物,又能让孩子把实物用拼装的组合方式变现出来,这样能充分发挥和提高孩子的想象力。磁性拼字王配有字帖,绿色,黄色,橙色,玫红色,等6种颜色,能够帮助低龄宝宝认识颜色,有助于宝宝视觉发育。采用无毒木材。

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Wood and Magnetic Game Piece, 6 Radical Boards: 11.5"x8.75", Board Top: 5.75"x9.65"x0.35", Paper Booklet: Simplified Chinese characters with Pinyin, 40 pages, 5.45"x8.25"
Item: Chinese Characters Magnetic Game
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