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The Ballad of Mulan B253


Bilingual in English and Chinese. The poem about a girl who dresses as a man and becomes a soldier to save her ailing father from conscription has long been known in China. This bilingual edition, translated into third-person narrative prose, is set firmly in the Northern Wei dynasty (386-534), when the poem may have originated. Mulan puts on armor, takes up sword and spear, and fights with the army for 10 years. She is so successful that the emperor offers her a rich reward, but she asks only to return to her village. Once home, she puts on women's clothes, convincing her former comrades that courage and fighting skills are not the province of men alone. The animated DVD version is also available. Ages 4 - 12

Hardcover, English/Traditional Chinese Characters, 32 Pages, 8.75'' x 12.25''
Item: The Ballad of Mulan
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