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The Art of Chinese Calligraphy BAR010


In this fascinating, informative guidebook by an expert in the field, this ancient art comes alive for beginners and advanced calligraphers alike. The author provides both practical instruction in Chinese calligraphy and an absorbing historical background - from the pictographic beginnings of Chinese writing, more than 4,000 years ago, down to the Kai, Hsing, and Tsao styles (each over 1,000 years old) that have endured to the present day. The basic construction of individual characters is explained, as are the many ways in which calligraphy is used by Chinese artists. Separate chapters are devoted to Chinese calligraphy as an art form, language as a way of understanding Chinese thought, Chinese porcelain and ceramics, calligraphic seals, and inscriptions on paintings. The final chapters are devoted to detailed, step-by-step instructions for using Chinese painting equipment and for mastering the techniques needed to create stunning examples of brushwork calligraphy. Many black and white illustrations.

By Jean Long, Paperback, English, 128 pages, 8.4'' x 11.25''
Item: The Art of Chinese Calligraphy
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