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QTalk Digital Learning BER003


The QTALK® program teaches students the fundamentals of the target language through visual symbols that represent all parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, etc.). Students learn to associate a word or expression in the new language with its corresponding symbol. With the first lesson, students will be able to speak in complete sentences in the target language. Over time, the instructor will gradually weaken the students’ reliance on the visual cues (symbols), and students will be able to produce authentic sentences without the help of images. The symbols are simply an aid to help the learner encode information (in this case, the vocabulary) into long-term memory. Once it is there, the memory cue is no longer needed.

DIGITAL ACCOUNTS (Teacher/Student)
Have access to all our digital materials: flipbooks, online activities, games, and assessments (assign as homework option), downloadable materials, teacher dashboard (track students’ progress), story books, tailored grammar modules, and more. Unique technology available only from QTALK® for classrooms equipped with Interactive White Board (IWB), PC-Projector, computers or tablets. Digital accounts last one year and give you full access to one language.
Seed Level: PreK- Grade 2
Sprout Level: Grade 2-4
Sapling Level: Grade 5-8
Tree Level: Grade 9-12

Price for Students: $29/year including a digital program, e-flipbooks, digital games
Price for Teachers: $299/year including a digital program, e-flipbooks, digital games and teacher dashboard

Have access to our digital image library. Drag, drop and create your lessons. You can easily find images under each category, choose to show or remove text and click on images/sentences to listen to native-speaker audio. Demonstrate simple or complex grammar topics from gender agreement to using the past tense. The library contains words of all parts of speech and it’s constantly updated based on teachers’ and students’ feedback.
Price $179/year

Please contact info@chinasprout.com to request a free trial account.

Simplified Chinese characters, Compatible with: PC/Mac and Tablets
Item: QTalk Digital Learning
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