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Tiny Travelers China Treasure Quest BHC036


The definitive, illustrated children’s travel book on China, as it exposes them to all of the cultural treasures that have made China a destination of choice for travelers of all ages. Tiny Travelers is inspired by a world of cultures. The Tiny Travelers “Treasure Quest” Series takes its readers on a fun-filled journey to discover what makes each country special. Each illustrated spread invites children to discover hidden "treasures" - icons, animals, statues, instruments and more - that make up the rich cultural heritage of each country. In Tiny Travelers China, readers journey from the Forbidden City to the Wuling mountains. From the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai, to the ancient Great Wall of China, tiny travelers will enjoy getting closer to Chinese culture making magical discoveries along the way.

By Steven Wolfe Pereir, Boardbook, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 23 pages, 9 '' x 6.5''
Item: Tiny Travelers China Treasure Quest
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