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Origins of Chinese Cuisine BHH004


Chinese cuisine is so well-known in the world that even people who know little else about the country and its culture have heard about or tasted Chinese food. Origins of Chinese Cuisine showcases some of the most famous and best-relished dishes. Here you will learn about:
* Unique characteristics of each regional cuisine
* Fascinating stories behind these selected dishes
* Their development into their present-day form
* Some of the lavish and singular banquet styles
The dishes introduced here are some of the most popular among scores of delicious and extraordinary dishes, and this entertaining account will no doubt delight fans of Chinese cuisine. The stories in the Origins series are depicted in a comic book style, which makes them very appealing to children who want to learn more about Chinese culture. Please note that this is not a cookbook, rather, it is a book that tells the stories behind different dishes.

By Xu Shitao, Paperback, English, 151 pages, 8.25"x6"
Item: Origins of Chinese Cuisine
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