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Do you know why the Chinese eat dumplings or why they post portraits of the Gate Guardian God on their doors. How about why the Chinese let off firecrackers on New Year's Day or why roof tiles in Beijing come in yellow, green or back? Maybe you are curious about the symbolism of the animal figurines that perch on roof ridges or why the stone turtles are burdened with stone tablets? And do you know the purpose of the ceremonial columns in front of Tiananmen Gate? Well this book will tell it all. It is a wonderful source to answer all those questions about the origins of Chinese culture including Ancient Relics, Fork Arts, Architecture, Calligraphy and Painting, Articles of Everyday Use, Clothing, Drinks and Snacks, Lucky Things, Entertainment, and Medicine. Illustrated with beautiful colorful pictures that make this book fresh and appealing. Please review the content.

Paperback, English, 323 pages, 9"x6.75"
Item: Things Chinese
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