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China - A True Book BHT201


This book's easy-to-read format and colorful photos help young children learn about China's history, culture and people. Important words are explained, and an index of vocabulary words in English and Chinese is included. Ages 4-8.

Table of Contents
Think Big!: Which Chinese invention went off with a big bang?  
A Place of Wonders: What is known as the "Sea of Death"?    
Son of Heaven: Which color were ordinary Chinese people forbidden to wear?    
The Greatest Wall: What did guards in the Great Wall's watchtowers look out for?    
Strange but Beautiful: What is so special about Chinese art and music?    
Chinese Ways: Which animals were considered lucky in ancient China?    
East Meets West: What is the Mongolian Cow Yogurt Super Girl Contest?    
True Statistics    
Important Words    
Index   About the Author    

By Mel Friedman, Paperback, English, 48 Pages, 8.35" x 7"
Item: China - A True Book
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