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Profile of Chinese Ethnics BHT262


China is a unified multi-ethnic country. Many ethnic groups have survived and thrived on this land for thousands of years. With mutual exchange and national amalgamation, the 56 Chinese ethnic groups finally formed a big family characterized by peaceful coexistence and indivisibility by now. All the ethnic groups in their long course of development have not only formed a unique history, but also created a gorgeous, rich culture. The histories and cultures of different ethnic groups together have enriched the cultural diversity of China. This book presents different life and production styles as well as vastly different faces of the 56 Chinese ethnic groups on pictures,to help readers understand the history and status quo of the various ethnic groups of China. Each ethnic group is introduced with colorful photos and English introduction.


Paperback, English, 231 pages, 8.25"x8.3"
Item: Profile of Chinese Ethnics
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