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Smart Kids Series II - Mathematics and Technology BLC041


There is no doubt that our lives would differ greatly if there were no numbers. Smart Kids Series II - Mathematics and Technology is a great science series explaining the origin of numbers. The means of counting, from stone count, nicks count, until the birth of Arabic numerals. This series explains the lengthy history of the emergence and development of numbers. This series includes seven stories: The Magic Number World, Take a Look Inside the Aircraft's Belly, From the Axes to the Robot, and Hey, What is This Shape? With click of a mouse you can also access the network world's Water's Journey as well as the Little Witch of Measurement. This series is appropriate for children of the ages 4 to 8. Other available science series include Smart Kids Series II - Science and Environment, New Life Science, Material and Physics series too.

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 32 pages/book, 9.05"x8.65"
Item: Smart Kids Series II - Mathematics and Technology
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