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Marilyn Burns Brainy Day Books (5 Books) BLC088


Marilyn Burns Brainy Day Books is the most popular mathmatics books for 4-8 year old children. The series does not just teach and train children's arithmetic ability, but it also stimulates the child's potential thinking ability. The five books covers broad mathematical concepts, including numbers and quantities, geometry, statistical classification, and much more. The books are presented with fun illustrations and each book comes with Marilyn Burns's mathematics activities which are designed for parents and teachers as teaching guides. These books are appropriate for children between the ages of 4-8. Please review the introduction of each book.

数学小子丛书和神奇校车丛书、I SPY 视觉大发现丛书并称为"美国学者"出版社(Scholastic)的三大压箱丛书。自从出版以来,数学小子丛书在欧美等国常销不衰,每一本都获得亚马逊读者五星评价。丛书登陆中国台湾之后。甚至在宝岛掀起看绘本,学数学的风潮,成为最受欢迎的幼儿园及小学低年级儿童(4-8岁)的数学趣味学习用书。数学小子丛书以全新的理念,让儿童浸润在数学思维之中。它完全不是单纯教授和训练儿童的算术能力,而是激发儿童思考潜能,使他们积极参与到数学的乐趣中来。丛书涉及数与量、几何、统计分类等广阔的数学概念,却深入浅出、轻松易懂,在儿童数学学习的初始阶段,将广阔的数学天地与身边的实际生活连系起来。丛书每一本都附有美国知名数学教育专家玛瑞琳伯恩斯设计的活动教案,是父母和教师运用本书的最好指导。打开数学小子丛书,颠覆传统枯燥的数学教育方法,快乐数学就在身边。请参阅每本书的中文简介

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 34 pages/book, 10.75"x8.25"

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Item: Marilyn Burns Brainy Day Books (5 Books)
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