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Chinese and Math Games BLC136


This series contains five books: Literacy Games 150 helps children to read and write easily through games that focus on visual concentration, visual transfer, and so on; Reading Literacy Games stimulate their interest in reading and cultivate their reading habits; Mathematical Thinking Games 150 provides training of mathematical thinking in various aspects through games and will develop young children's judgement, analytical and reasoning ability; Attention Games 150 provides systematic training on children's ability to listen and pay visual attention through games; Listening and Speaking 150 Games provides systematic training on children's listening discrimination ability, memory, listening comprehension and so on, allowing children to express themselves smoothly and learn how to listen.


Book Titles:
Reading Writing Games 150 读写能力游戏150
Reading LIteracy Games 阅读识字游戏
Mathematical Thinking Games 150 数学思维游戏150
Attention Games 150 注意力游戏150
Listening and Speaking 150 Games 听说能力游戏150

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 150-151 pages/book, 9"x7.5"
Item: Chinese and Math Games
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