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Published by Harper Collins Publishing, this award-winning series uses visual learning strategies to teach mathematical concepts, insuring young readers that the content is enticing and educational. Author Stuart J. Murphy brings a unique perspective to the Math Start series. In Math Start books, pictures do more than tell stories. This series is one of the few math concept books with realistic dialogue, authentic emotions, and genuine humor. A list of suggestions for adults using the book with children follows the story. Ages 4-8. Teacher Manuals are included for each series! Please review the table of content in Simplified Chinese characters.

启发精选数学绘本丛书《数学启蒙》(MathStart),是美国哈珀·柯林斯出版集团的长期畅销书,部分单本发行量超200万册。全书具有系统性,根据数学教育顺序分五个部分(数与计算、量与实测、图形与空间、统计与机率、逻辑与推理),让孩子循序渐进地了解、学习数学。由美国著童书作家斯图尔特. J. 墨菲从1996年开始创作故事,并邀请30多位国际知名插画家合作绘制,至今已出版发行60余册,被美国图书馆协会评为 “青少年非虚构系列十佳图书系列之一”。本丛书不同于数学书和简单的图画书。每本单册都有独立的故事和人物形?,都要经过一组数学老师精心审批,所需时间超过两年。书中为孩子提供贴近生活经验的场景,让数学概念或问题自然有趣地发生。比如:由家庭聚会拍合影引出数字排序概念、由抢椅子游戏引出10以内的减法问题、由整理房间引出比较物品轻重的问题等。全套丛书共5阶(8册/阶),每阶配一本《亲师手册》,协助幼师、家长精准掌握每本书的数学概念,轻松与孩子互动,分享数学绘本的乐趣。请点击参阅目录

Book Titles:
Set 1

Animals on Board-Addition of 10 or less 动物上路-10以内的加法
Monster Musical Chairs-Subtraction of 10 or less 怪兽大风吹-10以内的减法
Missing Mittens- Odd and even number 手套不见了-奇数和偶数
A Pair of Socks-Matching 一双袜子-配对
The Best Bug Parade-Size and length 最棒的昆虫游行-比较大小、长短
Leaping Lizards-Number count for 5 and 10 跳跳蜥蜴-5个一数、10个一数
Mighty Maddie-Comparing weight 女超人麦蒂 -比较轻重
Three Little Firefighters-Classification 小小消防队员-分类、平分
Math Start-Review Booklet 1 教师手册 1

Set 2
100 Days of Cool-Number count from 1 to 100 酷炫100天-1到100的数
One... Two... Three... SASSAFRAS!-Sorting Number 一、二、三,耶!-数字排序
Mall Mania-Addition strategy 狂欢购物节-加法策略
It's About Time!-The whole point 时间到了-整点
Bug Dance-Position 虫虫来跳舞-方位
Tally O'Malley-Tallying 欧马利家的画记高手-画记计数
The Best Vacation Ever-Collecting information 最棒的假期-整理资料
Beep Beep, Vroom Vroom!-Patterns 嘟嘟,汽车来了-规律
Math Start-Review Booklet 2 教师手册 2

Set 3
Same Old Horse-Making Predictions 爱打喷嚏的马
Spunky Monkeys on Parade-Counting by 2's, 3's, and 4's 神气猴的游行
A Fair Bear Share-Regrouping 私房蓝莓派
Get Up and Go!-Time Lines 起床上学了
Coyotes All Around-Rounding 郊狼四处窜
Jump, Kangaroo, Jump!-Fractions 太多袋鼠和事要做
Give Me Half!-Understanding Halves 给我一半
Shark Swimathon-Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers 鲨鱼马拉松

By Stuart J. Murphy, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 31-56 pages/book, 8"x10"
Item: Math Start Series (8 Books)
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