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Color, Shapes and Math BLC369


This series teaches young children concepts of colors, shapes and math basis by using transparent plastic to create different images. Each book has specific topics and images, such as colors, shapes, and math. Each page tells a different story based on where the transparent sheet is. Highly entertaining and good easy to use for children. For more details on each title in Simplified Chinese click here.


Book Titles:
Ice Cream Changes in the Sun: Color Game 冰激凌变太阳:颜色游戏
Small Flies are Gone: Digital Game 小苍蝇哪儿去了?:数字游戏
What Isn't It: Contrast Game 什么地方不一样? 对比游戏
Wrapped in the Magic of Travel: Shape Game 包裹的神奇旅行 形状游戏

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 21 pages, 7.6"8.1"
Item: Color, Shapes and Math
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