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Maths/Science Wizardary For Kids BLC436


This revamped, re-styled, and updated edition of the popular hands-on book of experiments for kids demonstrates that learning the fundamentals of science can be exciting and fun. Clear directions for scores of safe and easy-to-perform experiments teach kids principles of physics, chemistry, meteorology, astronomy, geology, and the life sciences. A small sample of the book's experiments include--Testing various foods for their starch content, and in the process discovering a method for making invisible ink Understanding the physical properties of air by constructing a kite, a miniature windmill, and a paper airplane。
Forecasting the weather by constructing a home-made barometer from objects that are easy to find around the house
Creating a perfectly safe electric current, using just a fresh lemon, a paperclip, and a piece of copper wire
These and many more experiments are presented with guidelines for budding scientists, safety rules to remember and follow, and simple advice on thinking and asking questions like a scientist. Brand-new and attractive full-color illustrations on most pages.



By Margaret Kenda, paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 220 pages/book, 6.7"x9.1"
Item: Maths/Science Wizardary For Kids
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