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Four Seasons Animals and More BLC832


Three old ladies are looking forward to eating the delicious fat pancake they've just made. However, the pancake has other ideas! It jumps out of the pan, rolls out the door and into the woods as fast as it can go, calling, "You can't catch me!" All the farmyard animals follow but can anyone catch the mischievous pancake? A frog knows all about water. A bee knows all about the sky. And a snail knows all about the earth. So why do none of them know anything about snow? Waking from their winter sleep, the three friends are astonished to hear of something called snow―and it fell from the sky! Where is it hiding now? Determined to discover all about snow, they set off on a journey of discovery that takes them through the seasons. 


Book Titles:
From Spring to Summer, From Autumn to Winter 从春到夏,从秋到冬
Frog, Bee, and Snail Look for Snow 蜗牛、青蛙、蜜蜂找雪
Wink and the Animals 小精灵温克和动物们
The Pancake that Ran Away 逃跑的煎饼
Is There Still Space For Me 还有我的地方吗?

Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters, 25 pages/book, 9.5"x6.1"
Item: Four Seasons Animals and More
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