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Building Blocks of Life Science (16 Books) BLC878


These comic book-style series offer readers a visual learning experience with unconventional characters designed to make complex science and math topics fun and easy to understand. Each book pairs humor with real-life examples to help make even the most difficult topics approachable.
Go deep inside the human body to learn about organs, structures, and systems with detailed spreads, diagrams, and photography to support key concepts. Please click here for each title description.


Book Titles:

1. The Digestive and Urinary Systems 吃什么你就是什么:消化与泌尿系统
2. Cells to Organ Systems 小不点忙不停:从细胞到器官系统
3. The Nervous System 一台超级“计算机”:神经系统
4. The Circulatory System 原来身体里有条河:血液循环系统
5. The Respiratory System 不停歇的手风琴:呼吸系统
6. Skeletal and Muscular Systems 一举一动不简单:骨骼与肌肉系统
7. The Endocrine and Reproductive Systems 不会说话的指挥官:内分泌和生殖系统
8. Fighting Sickness 我来守护你:免疫系统
9. Animal Life Cycles 生命画了个圆圈圈:动物的生命周期
10. Animal Behavior 八仙过海各显神通:动物行为
11. Animal Structure and Classification 家族树:动物的结构与分类
12. Plant Life Cycles 从一粒小小的种子说起:植物的生命周期
13. Plant Structure and Classification 丁是丁,卯是卯:植物的结构与分类
14. Plant and Animal Adaptions 跟着自然走:动植物的适应性
15. The Cell Cycle 小不点走过的路:细胞周期
16. Traits and Heredity 种瓜得瓜,种豆得豆:性状与遗传

By Joseph Midthun and Samuel Hiti, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 29 pages/book, 10.25"x 8.2"
Item: Building Blocks of Life Science (16 Books)
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