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Creative Writing Series BLE141


The Creative Writing Series has been specially prepared for primary school pupils. It adopts a holistic approach to the basics of writing skills, systematically covering vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, sentence building and paragraphing before focusing on guided composition and free writing. Learning outcomes are clearly stated for each unit, and systematic guidance to the understanding of word/phrase formation and sentence construction is a primary focus of the books. Enriching activities to help pupils to develop thinking and writing skills are included, as are model essays. Please click here for table of content.

<<作文起步小一-用词、写句训练>><<作文起步小二-用词、写话训练>>是特为小学一年级的学生编写的。编写目的是为了让小学生通过各种主题,逐步学好基本句型、写好句子,并利用各类词语,美化句子,坚强表达和描写的能力。第一、二册由浅入深,让学生通过所熟悉的主题,学习不同的句型,写出一小段文字介绍自己或别人,以及清楚描写图画所见。练习也编有创意联想 练习,强化学生的想象力,同时使学习作文更有趣味性。 <<作文指导小三-短文训练>>,<<作文指导小四-看图作文>>,<<强化作文小五-命题+看图>><<强化作文小六-命题+看图>>是特为小学三、四、五、六年级的学生编写的。编写目的是为了指导小学生如何有系统地定下写作目标、草拟写作大纲、找写作材料,然后利用各种基本的修辞手法,写出一篇短文。除了让学生学习基本的修辞手法,写出生动的文章外,也在各个单元中设计多项创意练习,使学习作文更有趣。请参阅创意作文系列第1-6册目录

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 94-144 pages, 10.25"x7.5"
Item: Creative Writing Series
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