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Read Magazines Learn Chinese BLO186


This book covers sixteen fashionable and interesting  topics including shopping, the Internet, digital  products, traveling, and so on. Each lesson focuses on one topic. The layout of texts which come from the  most popular and fashionable chinese magazines are  kept with the original design in order to bring fresh  and stylish visuality to the readers. Each lesson  consists of a main text, vocabulary, illustrative  sentences, mini culture dictionary, extensive reading, exercises and extended magazine reading recommendation. These seven parts enable readers to get in touch with deeper chinese culture and fashion trends in China while learning Chinese, and bring convinience for both readers study on their own and those who have instructors. Please view the table of content in simplified Chinese. Get our Learning Chinese Through Movies too!

本书分为十六个主题,包括了网络、服饰、创意、电子等人们最关注的时尚话题,内容均选自国内知名的时尚杂志,保持了原书版面的原汁原味,版式活泼。正文为杂志的原文,语言地道鲜活,极具时尚特色。本书针对汉语的中高级学习者,正文后配备了注释以及生词表,方便学习者掌握语言点和生词;课文包含了文化&小词库以及拓展阅读,为学习者了解中国文化提供便利;课文后附有练习及相关杂志推荐,注释清晰,内容充实,十分方便教学或自学 请参本书中文目录.

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 205 pages, 11"x8.5"
Item: Read Magazines Learn Chinese
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