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My Pocket Chinese Posters BLP205


Vivid pictures stimulate your child’s interest in bilingual learning and reading. These bright, lively and compact illustrated books, flashcards, and posters get pre-school children familiar with Chinese characters at an early age and facilitate dual language learning in Chinese and English. We also have the website that provides children with the audio which strengthens the connection between the Chinese vocabulary and the illustrations. Your child will love these posters with cute illustrations! Please get My Pocket Chinese and flashcards too.

Poster Titles:
Fruit Party 水果派对
Bon Appetit 我是大胃王
In the Wardrobe 打开衣柜
Welcome to My House 欢迎来我家
My Body 我的身体
Lets Compare 比一比
My Animal Friends 我的动物朋友
I Want to Be A... 我想要当
Where Are You Going 你要去哪里
I Can Do This 我会了

Paper, Simplified Chinese Characters, 24"x34"
Item: My Pocket Chinese Posters
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