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How To Write Essay BLR018


Easy to learn writing formulas, entertaining interactive review, and fun exercises to expand thinking, all while learning how to write the perfect essay. Please click here for the table of contents in Simplified Chinese Characters.

写作口诀简单易学, 点评互动寓教于乐, 快乐练习拓展思. 请点击查阅分级介绍

Book Titles:
Good Words, Good Sentence, Good Paragraph 好词好句好段
Learn to Say Words 看图说话写话
Learn to Write Diary 日记起步   
Learn to Write Essay 作文起步   
Learn to Write a Paragraph 学写一段话 
Learn to Write By the Picture 看图作文   

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character and Pinyin, 116-120 pages/book, 8.25"x5.75"
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