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Kids See the World Book Series (15 Books) BSA044


Seeing the world through young eyes is an inexplicably valuable experience. Now kids can experience different aspects of life in new ways, with the help of these books. Topics covered include child self-awareness, creating interpersonal relationships, finding security, and changing through growth.


Book Titles:
The Family Book 家庭
We Belong Together 我们在一起
The Daddy Book 爸爸
The Mommy Book 妈妈
The Grandpa Book 爷爷
The Grandma Book 奶奶
The I Love You Book 我爱你
It's Okay to be Different 没什么大不了
The I'm Not Scared Book 我不害怕了
The Feelings Book 跟着感觉走
The Feel Good Book 感觉真棒
The Okay Book 没关系
The Peace Book 和平
The Earth Book 地球
Reading Makes You Feel Good 读书让你感觉很棒

By Todd Parr, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 30 pages/book, 7.9"x7.9"
Item: Kids See the World Book Series (15 Books)
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