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In My World BSA050


Creeping bugs and wiggling worms, splashing rain and glittering stars--nobody notices the details of the world around them more than children--and artists. Take a walk with bestselling picture book creator Lois Ehlert in this vibrant die-cut celebration of nature's many wonders. Complete with a simple rebus game, this gentle book of discovery will inspire readers of all ages to share their love for nature--and to look at the world in a whole new way.

振翅而飞的昆虫、扭动的蠕虫、飞溅的雨水、闪耀的星星除了儿童,没人会注意到周围世界中的这些细节。美国著名的图画书作家洛伊丝 埃特,以一种充满活力的展现方式,将孩子眼中的大自然中完美呈现了出来。该书通过一个个简单的猜谜游戏,将读者对大自然的热爱之情充分激发出来,帮助他们以一种全新的角度来看这个世界。

By Lois Ehlert, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Character, 36 pages, 8.75"x8.2"
Item: In My World
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