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Mind of Genius Series BSA051


Shanghai Film classic story "With original animation bigger and pinyin, colors, vivid characters, fantasy imagination, far-reaching implication children and parents together relive those memories of moving animation and wonderful! Please click here for each tittle description.


Book Titles:
Magellan and His First Trip Around the World 麦哲伦和第一次环球旅行
Galileo and His Legend 伽利略和星月传奇
Einstein and Time Machine 爱因斯坦和时间机器
The True Story of Darwin and Dinosaurs 达尔文和恐龙的真实故事
The Fifth Element of the Secret Lavoisier 拉瓦锡和第五元素的秘密
Volt and the Soul of Robot 伏特和机器人的灵魂
Archimedes and the Machine of War 阿基米德和战争机器
Da Vinci and His Future Telling Brush 达芬奇和描绘未来的画笔
Newton and the Ominipresent Gravity 牛顿和万有引力
Hippocrates and Western Medical Science 希波克拉底和西方医学
Mendel And His Great Pea Experiment 孟德尔和了不起的豌豆实验
Edison's 1093 Inventions 爱迪生和1093项发明

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 110 pages/book, 10.23"x7.29"

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