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Fei Fei Travels Around the World: My Favorite Asia (10 Books) BSA054


This series features children’s 10 favorite Asian countries and regions. For Fei Fei, real pictures of famous attractions and cuisines not only bring a broader field of vision, but also provide them with a variety of historical, geographical and cultural knowledge in subtle ways, much like a small encyclopedia. Follow along with Fifi on a world tour through China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and Indonesia! Each volume contains national profiles, famous attractions, and cuisine appreciation. Click here for more details.

本系列精选了10个孩子最喜爱的亚洲国家和地区。以菲菲为主角,透过真实图片介绍了各地的著名景点和特色美食,即可广阔孩子视野,还可以在潜移默化中向他们灌输各种历史、地理、文化知识,是一套带领孩子阅读全世界的小小百科。 一起跟着菲菲,畅游大世界!中国,韩国,日本,台湾,新加坡,马来西亚,泰国,越南,印度,印尼。 每册内容包含国家简介、著名景点介绍以及特色美食鉴赏。图文结合的形式让小朋友犹如身临其境般了解各个国家的风土人情。风格各异、各具特色的亚洲国家,菲菲等你一起来畅游。请点击试读部分章节

Book Titles:
China 中國
Korea 韓國
Japan 日本
Taiwan 台灣
Singapore 新加坡
Indonesia 印尼
India 印度
Vietnam 越南
Thailand 泰國
Malaysia 馬來西亞

Paperback, Traditional Chinese Character, 14 pages/book, 7.1"x7.1"
Item: Fei Fei Travels Around the World: My Favorite Asia (10 Books)
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