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The Berenstain Bears Series 3 (20 Books) BSB205


 Now you can read the stories of the Berenstain Bears in Chinese! Follow the family of Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Brother Bear and Sister Bear as they come across different situations and see how they solve their problems. Some situations that they have include: Sister Bear loves taking care of her pet goldfish, Goldie. One day something happens to Goldie. How will the Berenstain Bears handle this sensitive situation? (Lose a Friend)  Brother and Sister Bear have a sitter for the first time and are not sure what to expect. They know for sure that they won't like her though. But can the sitter change their minds? (The Sitter)  Please note the English translation is included at the end of book.

Book Titles:
Safe and Sound 安全第一
Bad Influence 新朋友
Lose a Friend 我爱小金鱼
Trouble with Commercials 广告的诱惑
Papa's Day Surprise 父亲节的惊喜
Funny Valentine 意外的情人节
Big Blooper 鹦鹉学舌
Think of Those in Need 想想需要它们的人
Lend a Helping Hand 我来帮帮你
Get Their Kicks 爱上足球
Blame Game 谁的错
The Sitter 临时妈妈
On The Job 熊王国的工作
Go Out for the Team 棒球选拔赛
Get in a Fight 闹别扭
Ghost of the Forest 森林里的幽灵
Trick or Treat 不给糖果就捣蛋
Missing Honey 蜂蜜不见了
Mama's New Job 妈妈的新工作
Go to Camp 去野营

By Stan and Jan Berenstain, Paperback, 17 pages/book, Simplified Chinese Characters and English, 8" x8"
Item: The Berenstain Bears Series 3 (20 Books)
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