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The Berenstain Bears Series 4 (16 Books) BSB242


The Berenstain Bears Series 4 is now available in Chinese! This series consists of stories 71-86 of The Berenstain Bears collection. This beloved collection of story books has been a favorite among young children across America for generations. Follow the family of Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Brother Bear and Sister Bear in their exciting adventures as they come across different situations and see how they solve their problems. Please note the English translation is included at the end of book.


Book Titles:
Computer Trouble 电脑大麻烦
Substitute Teacher 代课老师
Too Much Car Trip 开车去旅行
Go Out To Eat 甜蜜的晚餐
The Eager Beavers 勤劳的新邻居
Go On A Ghost Walk 万圣节幽灵
Baby Makes Five 家庭新成员
Ready, Get Set, Go! 家庭运动会
Nursery Tales 爸爸讲故事
Life with Papa 妈妈不在家
Sick Days 生病的日子
The Real Easter Eggs 复活节彩蛋
Really Big Pet Show 宠物总动员
Blaze a Trail 森林大冒险
The Big Road Race 赛车冠军
The Attic Treasure 阁楼里的宝藏

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Some situations that they have include:
When Papa brings home a computer, the whole family is excited. Soon Mama, Brother, Sister, and even Honey start spending all day every day staring at their own computers. It's up to Papa to get the family off the computer and back into the real world! (Computer Trouble).
This year's family vacation is not what Brother and Sister Bear had in mind. Mama and Papa Bear are eager to explore the wonders of Bear Country, but the cubs would rather be anywhere but the backseat of the family car! (Too Much Car Trip)
Papa and the cubs take Mama to Bear Country Grill for a special treat! From getting to the restaurant until dessert time, the night is full of fun and adventure. With the Bears, nothing is boring—especially not a night out on the town! (Go Out To Eat).

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By Stan & Jan Berenstain, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 28-33 pages/book, 8.15"x8.15"
Item: The Berenstain Bears Series 4 (16 Books)
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