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Random House Bilingual Classic Stories II (10 Books) BSB305


Random Bilingual Classic Rainbow Series books offer Chinese translations of the celebrated book series from Random House: "Children Learn to Read". Works from this series include Dr. Seuss's 1957 book "The Cat in the Hat", which in only 236 words captured the hearts and minds of children and families everywhere. Every story is beautifully illustrated, with singsong poetic rhythms and simple, engaging imagery. Designed to stimulate interest in reading for Children, the series has been praised by educators for over 50 years, and has been widely respected the world over for generations. Price is for a set of 7 books. 

“兰登双语经典”系列丛书,是从美国兰登书屋“小孩学读书”(Beginner Books)品牌书系中精心挑选、结集而成的读物。1957年,苏斯博士创作了《戴高帽子的猫》,仅用236个单词就串联起一个搞怪异常、惊喜连连的故事,让孩子们爱不释手,由此开创了beginner books的品牌读物。

Book Titles:
Flap Your Wings 拍拍翅膀飞上天
4 Pups and a Worm 四只小狗和一条虫子
Come Down Now, Flying Cow 奶牛飞行记
Riddles and More Riddles 脑筋转转转
Have You Seen My Dinosaur 你见过我的恐龙吗
Big Dog...Little Dog 大狗和小狗
Stop that Ball 抓住那个球
Summer 夏天畅想曲
The Digging-est Dog 狗狗挖掘机
Squirrel on Skis 松鼠滑雪队

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and English, 36-61 pages/book, 8.45"x5.9"
Item: Random House Bilingual Classic Stories II (10 Books)
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