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DuoDuo And His Super Dad (5 Books) BSE598


The characteristics of the baby's early physical and mental development are the theme of this ongoing series of 5 books, from the baby's fine action, cognition, language expression, self-awareness, the rule of five angles. We also dive into into the father's unique warmth and delicate character, as this set is tailored to both a father and a baby.

本系列共五册,分别是:《我的超级爸爸》、《Wow!好棒的工程师爸爸》、《嘘!故事爸爸时间到了》、《爸爸,我讨厌去医院》和《爸爸,我喜欢新客人》。以宝宝早期发展的特点为主题,从大肢体运动、工具认知、早期阅读、性格养成、同伴交往五个角度出发,同时融入爸爸特有的勇敢、宽容的角色特征,是为爸爸和宝宝量身打造的一套亲子读物。 帮助爸爸学会更多“粗中有细”的育儿方法,父爱让我更强大!

Book Titles:
My Super Dad 我的超级爸爸
Wow! My Father The Amazing Engineer Wow!好棒的工程师爸爸
Hush It's Dad's Story Time 嘘!故事爸爸时间到了
Dad, I Hate Going To The Hospital 爸爸,我讨厌去医院
Dad, I Like New Guests 爸爸,我喜欢新客人

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 23 pages/book, 8.25"x8"
Item: DuoDuo And His Super Dad (5 Books)
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