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Gate Lion BSE647


Lion is the subject of this book. It's strange that lion is not a native animal in China but Chinese people make it the gate guardian. Legend goes that in Eastern Han Dynasty, a lion was brought to the emperor of China by Yueh-chih in the Western Region. No one had seen such a rare animal and people were impressed by it. In Buddhism, lion is a magical beast. Manjusri's mount is a green lion which symbolizes wisdom and power. Gradually, lion becomes a kind of decoration popular in traditional buildings and serves as the gate guardian. There are certain rules to place lions as gatekeepers. The stone lions appear in pairs: the male on the left while the female on the right if looking out from the gate, which is in line with the Yin and Yang Balance theory of Chinese culture. Despite the similar appearance, the lions have quite varied props decorated.



By Liu Chang, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 37 pages, 9.25"x10"
Item: Gate Lion
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