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Chinese Virtue Stories Level 1 BSE696


Chinese Virtue Stories is a series of readers tailored for kids with Chinese heritage (aged 4-12) who are attending kindergarten or primary school. Apart from facilitating their learning of the Chinese language, it can also help them to gain a better understanding of Chinese values, lifestyles, and culture. Level 1 is for starters, which consists of nine volumes featuring personified animals popular among children aged four to seven. It provides children with a language learning environment in which they are exposed to Chinese culture through listening, reading, role-playing, thinking, and acting. More importantly, good virtues like diligence, kindness, and bravery are fostered throughout the learning process.

《中国美德故事系列》是一套全方位介绍中华美德的趣味读物,适合从幼儿园到小学(4—12岁)的海外华裔学生,有助于 帮助他们在学习中文的同时,了解中国的道德观念、生活方式和中华文化。全系列按年龄和难度分为三级。启蒙篇作为第 一级共9册,以4—12岁儿童喜欢的动物为创作对象,运用拟人的方法,使儿童在听、读、演、思、行中学习中文,感受 中国文化,并培育他们勤劳、善良、勇敢的品格。

Book Titles:
Five Pinecones - 五棵松果
Little Bunny and the Berries - 小兔采山果
I Love You - 爱要说出口
Trees Outside the Window - 窗外的树
Let's Eat Together - 我们一起吃
Mrs. Cat Never Wastes Food - 不浪费的猫婆婆
The Little Magpie - 懂事的小喜鹊
Joy's Hug - 拥抱的小熊
Hammy is Late - 迟到的小猪

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 24 pages/book, 10.25"x10.25"
Item: Chinese Virtue Stories Level 1
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