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Kitchen God BSF066


This beautifully illustrated book introduces the tale of the Kitchen God from a child's point of view. Every family has a guardian angel. Chinese legend has it that the Kitchen God watches over the family and reports their behavior once a year to the Jade Emperor. What does each member of the family do and say while the Kitchen God is watching? What can the family do to ensure that the Kitchen God makes a favorable report this year? This story is rife with mischief as it depicts the relationship between a family and their Kitchen God, where love, trust and respect ultimately triumph over good behavior. Simple to read with lovely illustrations. Choose from Simplified Chinese characters or English version with Chinese translation.


By Xiong Liang, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters (35 pages, 10.1"x9.6") or English and 4 pages translation in Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin (40 pages, 9"x8.25")

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