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Fun Spring Festival BSF151


Fun Spring Festival will help children understand the Spring Festival and its variety of fresh and interesting folk activities: On New Year's Eve, people return home to eat dinner with their family. People play with fireworks in the first month of the new year until the Lantern Festival. Fun Spring Festival shows off new year customers right before and shortly after the Spring Festival takes place every year. This book shows the festive atmosphere through its warm and bright colors and details to show the liveliness of the New Year's customs. With the main focus on reading, but also a focus on the pop-up features, this book allows children to see the content with more visual impact. Turn the turntables, bring out the Dragon, pull firecrackers! 


  • 主题鲜明系统,有较强的知识性:本书为小读者介绍了春节前后的主要习俗,以嘟嘟熊遇到一个神奇小福神为线索,小福神在嘟嘟熊家过年,展现出过年的习俗,将一些习俗的内容隐藏在书中的日历中,丰富了知识性。书中有许多这些小细节,每次阅读都会有不同的发现,学习各种过年习俗。
  • 节日气氛鲜明,图画色彩对比强烈:本书邀请画家全手绘完成,暖色系的搭配,烘托出浓浓的过年气氛,每一页都经过精心设计,突出一种过年的习俗,画面在细节处运用对比色,让画面看起来活泼,有童趣,吸引孩子的注意力。
  • 配合特殊工艺,符合幼儿阅读兴趣:这本书中运用了许多特殊工艺,如能转动的转盘,用立体形式展现的舞龙,抽拉的鞭炮等。把多种特殊工艺集中在这本书中,让书中的内容更生动,更富视觉冲击,也使孩子对书中内容更感兴趣,更好地获取知识。

Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters, 11 pages, 10"x10"
Item: Fun Spring Festival
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