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Reading Tree Starter Level 2 BSG214


This Reading Tree series is a compilation of graded storybooks and is tailored for kindergarten aged children, primary and secondary school students as well as bilingual learners in international schools. This series is divided into 13 levels ranging from the starter level to the more advanced levels later on. Each level is composed of 20 stories, complete with a Readers Guide. The starter level is intended for kindergarten aged children while the other 12 levels are suitable for primary and secondary school students. The starter level focuses on games, object identification and habit development without the requirement of vocabulary study, aiming at heightening childrens interest in learning. Each story is engaging and illustrated with graphic images to facilitate reader’s understanding and interests. The Reader’s Guide will also serve as supplementary material for teachers and parents to instruct their children how to read.


Book Titles:
1. Countries 国家
2. Where Are You? 在哪里?
3. I Am Your Younger Brother 我是你们的弟弟
4. My Body 我的身体
5. Time for Fruits 吃水果啦
6. I am the Great Detective 我是大侦探
7. About Me 我
8. Have and Have Not 有和没有
9. Which Pet is Better? 养什么好呢?
10. Ask for Directions with Graphs and Symbols 用图画和符号问路

By Victor Siye Bao, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character and Pinyin, 11 pages/book, 8.1"x6.75"
Item: Reading Tree Starter Level 2
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