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Growing Up with the Know-How (30 Books) BSK055


This series is a total of 30 volumes, each of which has a relaxed and humorous style, along with vivid images. They tell stories of children to introduce a topic, then introduce relevant knowledge throughout the course of the story. All the stories are derived from the daily life of a child, so children are more likely to be attracted to, as well as relate to, the story line. The lessons they learn will have a practical effect, and will allow them to produce solutions to the problems they encounter.

全书共30册,每册都通过轻松风趣的笔调和诙谐生动的画面,讲述一个发生在孩子身边的故事,以此展开一个主题,并在故事过程中引入相关知识点。所有的故事都来源于孩子的日常生活,让孩子更容易被故事的情节所吸引,也更容易与自己的生活经验联结,获取具有实际作用的解决问题的方法,并在书后附加的小栏目中举一反三。 详情请参阅每本书的中文简介

Book Titles:
Social Awareness 社会认知篇:
The Real Me 真实的我
The Cupcake Thief 谁偷了我的蛋糕
Palapalooza 专属节日
Follow That Clue! 线索大追踪
My Brother, The Knight 骑士的赌约
The Best Mother's Day Ever 完美母亲节
Real Heroes Don't Wear Capes 英雄可以不穿斗篷

Social Viability 社会生存能力篇:
Keesha's Bright Idea卡莎的好主意
Spotlight on Stacey 聚光灯下的史黛西
The Messiest Room on the Planet 地球上最乱的房间
No Rules for Rex! 受够规则的雷克斯
The Ghost Town Mystery “鬼镇”大冒险
Who Needs It? 谁需要这些
Which Way, Wendy? 温蒂,我们往哪儿走
Check It Out! 查过才知道

Communication 社会交往能力篇:
Carl the Complainer 爱抱怨的卡尔
Pete for President 谁来当班长
Ty's Triple Trouble 泰尔的三重麻烦
New Dog in Town 小镇来了“新狗狗”
Movin' On In 我们的新学校
Mac and the Messmaker 麦克和垃圾制造者
The Bay School Blogger 学校统治者
Lila the Fair 争吵协调员,莉拉

Economic Awareness 经济意识篇:
Pet Peeves 小宠物“大生意”
Sally's Big Save 莎莉的“省钱”计划
No Money? No Problem! 没钱?没问题
Daisy Diaz Shakes Up Camp 爱交换的黛西
Stressbusters 压力舒缓小店
Tara Pays Up! 付钱吧,塔拉
Whatcha Got? 非常古董

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 30 pages/book, 9.1"x6.5"
Item: Growing Up with the Know-How (30 Books)
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