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Children Emotion Story Series BSK057


Children Emotional Story Series brings together children aged 3-7 to discuss the following emotions: anger, jealousy, fear, sadness, frustration, fear, and excitement. Through daily-life situations, including pictures and simple text, it shows the characteristics and corresponding treatment of a variety of emotions, so that children can understand and learn the proper way to deal with emotions!


1. 每冊針對一個情緒主題,內容貼近3-7 歲孩子的生活,能引起他們  
2. 書後設置「我的感覺」和「我的選擇」,加強孩子對不同情緒的認識,以及學習不同處理情緒的方法。
3. 書後還有「親子討論區」,列舉故事以外令孩子產生該情緒的處境,讓孩子對自己的情緒有更多的了解。

Book Titles:
I Am Very Angry 我很生氣
I Am Very Jealous 我很妒忌
I Am Afraid 我很害怕
I Am Sorry 我很難過
I Do Not Give Up 我不放棄
I Am Worried 我很擔心
I Miss You 我想念你
I Am So Excited 我太興奮

Paperback, Traditional Chinese Characters, 32 pages/book, 6.5"x7.25"
Item: Children Emotion Story Series
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