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Comic Book - Romance of the Three Kingdoms with VCD BSL027


"Romance of the Three Kingdoms," is another of the four greatest Chinese novels, along with, "Tale of the Water Margin," "Journey to the West," and "Dream of the Red Chamber." This story revolves around the history of the late Han dynasty. After the Huang Jin uprising, there were many warlords vying for power. During the decades of chaos there were three countries known as the Wei, Shu and Wu kingdoms. The Soon Si Ma family took over the Wei Kingdom and founded the Jin dynasty. It was the Jin that, in the end, unified the country. Presented in an entertaining comic-book style, your child will learn the complete story of "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" while enjoying the rich illustrations. Written in simplified Chinese characters. Even better, it comes with a VCD, your child can view and listen to complete the story on the computer or on the TV screen.

Hardcover, Chinese, 288 Pages, 7.5'' x 7'', 1 VCD
Item: Comic Book - Romance of the Three Kingdoms with VCD
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