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Adventures from China: Monkey King BSM031


Monkey King is a 20 volume comic series based on the legendary Chinese novel The Journey to the West. The Journey to the West is at once a comedy, drama, satire, meditation on faith and discipline and a fantastical dramatization of China's history. The events of Journey to the West, which include epic battles and threatened palaces and imperiled kings, could resonate with readers during almost any age, but the story focuses on portraying a peaceful society where deviance is ultimately trumped by enlightenment, violence defeated by benevolence.

Book Titles:
Vol. 1 Birth of Stone Monkey
Vol. 2 The Bane of Heaven
Vol. 3 Journey to the West
Vol. 4 Enemies and a New Friend
Vol. 5 Three Trials
Vol. 6 The Sacred Tree
Vol. 7 The Expulsion of Sun Wu Kong
Vol. 8 Treasures of the Mountain Kings
Vol. 9 The Stolen Kingdom
Vol. 10 The Realm of the Infant King
Vol. 11 Fight to the Death
Vol. 12 The Lost Children
Vol. 13 Trust and Temptation
Vol. 14 The Dual
Vol. 15 Fanning the Flames
Vol. 16 The Golden Temple
Vol. 17 The Seven Sisters
Vol. 18 Band of Brothers
Vol. 19 Masters and Disciples
Vol. 20 The Journey Ends

By Wei Dong Chen, Paperback, English, 173 pages, 7.5"x5.1"
Item: Adventures from China: Monkey King
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