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Easy-to-learn Tang Poems BSR066


This series of Tang Poems collects 45 most popular and classic Tang poems. Each poem is introduced original poem, parents' guidance and interaction question, as well as illustration. The stickers are also included that will help children have a better understanding of the meaning and enhance their memory.

这是一套幼儿国学启蒙教育游戏书。本书精选了45首经典唐诗,内容适合幼儿的认知规律,经典的唐诗、实用的家长指导、家长与宝宝的互动问题,提高了宝宝学习唐诗的兴趣;将唐诗学习和贴纸游戏结合是本套书的最大特色,让孩子通过最喜欢的贴纸游戏进一步理解唐诗的含义,加深记忆,学习唐诗的过程中充满快乐! 请看中文目录

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 27 pages/book, 10"x9.8"

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Item: Easy-to-learn Tang Poems
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