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Duan Duan Tells Classic Stories BST360


Chinese classic stories have a long history, and they have accompanied generations of children. These stories contain rich connotations and profound truths and are indispensable spiritual nourishment in the growth process of children. The well-known children's literature writer Duan Lixin reinterpreted these classic stories that have been circulating for a long time with vivid language. The author did not simply rewrite it but carried out a second creation based on the emphasis on the core of the story. Because the author knows children's reading and comprehension very well, the stories she has rewritten are of a high standard in both literary and readable aspects. You will not be unfamiliar with the stories in this book, from which children will find beauty and ugliness, good and evil, and then lead them to think about more issues, about growth, and about being human. Chinese culture is so amazing, its essence is like an ancient lighthouse, so that people from generation to generation will not lose their way.
Phoenix is ​​noble and moral, so it can respond to every request.
Can a bird that looks like a phoenix also get the worship of a hundred birds?
A nine-color god deer helped a man who fell into the water, but did not want to be betrayed by this person. . .

中华经典故事历久弥新,在漫长的历史长河中,陪伴了一代又一代孩子成长。 这些故事里蕴藏了丰厚的内涵和深刻的道理,是孩子成长过程中不可或缺的精神养料。知名儿童文学作家段立欣用生动流畅的语言,重新诠释了这些流传千载的经典故事。 作者不是简单地改写, 而是在重视与故事内核的基础上, 进行了二度创作。 由于作者非常了解儿童的阅读和理解能力,所以她改写过的故事在文学性和可读性这两方面上,都具有颇高的水准。这本书里的故事你绝不会陌生, 从中孩子们会发现美与丑,善与恶, 进而引领他们去思考更多的问题,关于成长,关于做人。中国的文化就是这么的神奇,其精髓如同一座古老的灯塔,让世世代代的人们不会迷失方向。

Book Titles:
Song of the Phoenix 百鸟朝凤
A Deer of Nine Colors 九色鹿

By Lixin Duan, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 95-101 pages/book, 9x6.75
Item: Duan Duan Tells Classic Stories
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