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Maisy First Experiences Books (6 Books) BSW1266


In this set of picture books, there are various daily life scenes familiar to children. Children’s superstar Maisy, accompanied the children to experience the freshest experience of going to bookstores, kindergartens, cinemas, museums, and * flying, camping out. "Maisy Series" picture book story is lively and interesting, bright and warm colors, lively and cute image, loved by children all over the world. The series of pictures of the "Maisy's First Experience" will help children to recognize different scenes, cultivate good behavior habits and communication skills, and accompany children to explore the colorful world and take every step of growth.


Book Titles:
Maisy Goes to the Bookstore 小鼠波波去书店
Maisy Goes to Kindergarten 小鼠波波去幼儿园
Maisy Go to the Museum 小鼠波波去博物馆
Maisy Goes to the Cinema 小鼠波波去电影院
Maisy Goes Flying 小鼠波波坐飞机
Maisy Go Camping 小鼠波波去露营

By Lucy Cousins, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 32 pages/book, 10.1x10.1
Item: Maisy First Experiences Books (6 Books)
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