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Elephant and Piggie Series 5 BSW341


The books feature two lovable and funny characters: an optimistic (and sometimes reckless) pig, and a cautious, pessimistic elephant.With each text reviewed by an early-learning specialist, these sweet and surprising stories are a breath of fresh air in the early-reader category.

「大吉象和小豬寶」系列來囉!總是喜歡瞎操心又大驚小怪的大吉, 碰上喜歡換個角度看世界又古靈精怪的小豬寶,會帶來什麼驚奇又有趣的發現呢?畫風簡潔又充滿童趣,數度榮登紐約時報暢銷書簡單又一再重複的對話,簡潔的筆劃和構圖,勾勒出這兩個好朋友的生活點滴,讓小小孩也能輕鬆的進入故事世界,跟著大聲朗讀。详细内容请参阅每本书的中文简介

Book Titles:
I Am Going 我要走了
I Broke My Trunk 好想好想跟你說
Should I Share My Ice Cream 我的冰淇淋

By Mo Willems, Paperback, Traditional Chinese Characters, Zhuyin, 58 pages, 6.5"X9"
Item: Elephant and Piggie Series 5
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