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Red Glamour II DYU020


A new interpretation of our overwhelmingly popular Yue-Sai Wa Wa "Red Glamour," "Red Glamour II" is sure to find a home right next to the original. Dressed in a couture-style gown with ruby-red and golden accents, this very special WaWa is the signature doll of Yue-Sai Wawa's creator, Yue-Sai Kan. In fact, "Red Glamour II" evens sports Yue-Sai's signature haircut! The dress's vibrant red material was designed in Paris and was woven especially for us in Shanghai, with Yue-Sai's name both in Chinese and English. Her matching red chiffon wrap has elegant golden tassels, and can be worn in a multitude of ways - over one shoulder or both, or wrapped around her arms or waist. Place her on her elegant display doll stand, and style her any way you like best! Red Glamour II comes with: One doll, 1 red gown with gold tassels, matching red chiffon wrap, shoes, golden fan purse, and synthetic wooden doll stand.

12'' Tall, Box Size: 13.5'' x 12 '' x 4''
Item: Red Glamour II
Our Price:US$ 39.99
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