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Thai Dancer DYU021

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Yue-Sai Wa Wa loves to wear her dazzling Thai costume when she performs the traditional "Lakhon" dance of Thailand. From the top of her head to the tips of her toes, she is the embodiment of these enchanting performers. Yue-Sai WaWa's highly ornate golden headdress is tiered to resemble a Thai "wat", or Buddhist temple. Her jewel-encrusted cape sparkles when she dances in the sunlight or moonlight, and her gown is embellished with a rainbow of gems and golden accents. Her arms and feet are bare to allow her to move freely and perform her dramatic dance. Thai Dancer comes with: One doll, 1 Thai inspired outfit complete with jewel incrusted cape and golden headdress, and synthetic wood doll stand.

12'' Tall, Box Size: 14.5'' x 9 '' x 4''
Item: Thai Dancer
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