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Ten Chinese Erhu Classics M083

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A collection of the ten most popular Chinese classical melodies played with the Chinese Erhu. The Erhu is an ancient instrument, dating back to the Song Dynasty. It is extremely popular in China today as a medium for both traditional and contemporary music. The Erhu is capable of producing music with a flexibility approaching that of the human voice. This CD introduces you to some of the most famous Chinese Erhu classics. Titles are in English and Chinese.


  1. Er Quan Ying Yue (Moon reflection in Erquan)
  2. Xiang He Shui (The flowing river water)
  3. Yu Bei Xu Shi Qu (The narrative music of Yu Provision)
  4. Sai Ma (Racing Horses)
  5. Kong San Niao Yu (The birds sing in country side)
  6. liang Xiao (The enchant evening)
  7. Kang Ding Qing Ge (Loving song of Kangding)
  8. San Men Xia Chang Xiang Qu (The Sanmen gorge caprice)
  9. Yue Yie (Moonlight night)
  10. Han Gong Qiu Yue (Autumn moon over Han Palace)
  11. Cai Cha Pu Die (The tea picking and butterfly catching)
  12. Nan Ni Wan (The Nanni Bay)

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