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The Little Kindergarten Vol.6 - Cantonese M177


The Bear Choir's 2 Little Kindergarten Series are Chinese cultural treasures, each as good as the other. Many of the songs in these sets are already classics, and their artistic excellence has never been equaled. With inspired musical arrangements and some of the world's most gifted little voices, many of the albums in this series were 'category-killers' when they were first released. Many have become definitive classics, and some are legend. The Bear Choir's Little Kindergarten Series CDs are the standard against which all Chinese children's music must measure itself. 20 lovely children's songs, traditional and new, that give kids enjoyment and inspiration. The melodies are done with great digital mastering. Click here to listen to the sample sound clip.

Vol. VI:

  1. Bao Bao (Hug Hug)
  2. You Chai Shu Shu (Mailman)
  3. Yao Dao Wai Po Qiao (Rowing to Grandma's Bridge)
  4. Chang Shou Hao Ge (Sing a Good Song)
  5. You Ding Shi (Set Up A Time)
  6. Zhong Zi De Gu Shi (Story of a Seed)
  7. Kai Xin Chang Huan Xiao (Be Happy Always)
  8. Qie Ji Mu (Play Woodblocks)
  9. Deng Zai Shi Zhi Jiao (Chair has Four Legs)
  10. Chui Qi Qiu (Blowing a Bloom)
  11. Dian Hua Hao Ma (Telephone Number)
  12. Yi Er San Hong Lu Deng (123 Red Light, Green Light)
  13. Fan Xing Shan Shan (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
  14. Pang Xiao Hai (Fat Child)
  15. Xiao Ke Dou (Little)
  16. Xiao Tian Shi (Little Angel)
  17. Ma Ma, Wo Ai Ni (Mommy I Love You)
  18. Ye Ye De Shou (Grandpa's Hand)
  19. Chui Qi Qiu MMO (Blowing a Bloom - Melody)
  20. Zhong Zi De Gu Shi (Story of a Seed - Melody)

1 CD, Vol. 6, Cantonese
Item: The Little Kindergarten Vol.6 - Cantonese
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