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Folk Songs from China's Performing Arts Traditions MCC106


Selected from more than 400 styles of folks songs all over China, played by all kinds of percussioins and recorded in Germany, this CD contains the highest level of "Little Songs" from China's performing arts traditions. Little songs are not little at all. What they perform covers various of topics from birds to towers, from family to wars. One well-composed booklet in both Traditional Chinese and English is included, introducing these specifically selected ten songs and the background of the styles they belong to.


Songs Included:
01 The Great West Chamber 东北二人转:大西厢
02 Hearing the Bell At the Pavilion of Sword 京韵大鼓:剑阁闻铃
03 The Hungry Cuckoo Bird 四川清音:布谷鸟儿咕咕叫
04 Sending the Girl to School 京东大鼓:送女上学
05 A Test of Love 评弹:情探
06 Linglong Tower 西河大鼓:玲珑塔
07 Everybody Changes 山东琴书:老少换
08 Departed Swallows 广东粤曲:分飞燕
09 An Overwhelming Flood 天津时调:翻江倒海
10 Mu Guiying Takes Command 河南坠子:穆桂英挂帅>

DSD, 43'36", 10 Tracks with 1 Booklet of Introdution in Traditional Chinese Characters and English

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