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Chinese Wedding Music MCC108


The suona, also called laba or haidi, is a Han Chinese shawm. It has a distinctively loud and high-pitched sound, and is used frequently in Chinese traditional music ensembles, particularly those that perform outdoors. Let's start the journey to feel China through Suona at this moment.


Songs Included:
01 Festivity 欢庆
02 Fengyang Song Intersects The Eight Board 凤阳歌绞八板
03 Hanjiang River in Early Spring 汉江春早
04 Sheep on a Hillside 山坡羊
05 Flat Tone Kaimen 平调开门
06 Spring in Countryside 山乡春
07 The Victory Rice Sprout Song 胜利秧歌
08 Happiness to the Whole Family 全家福
09 A Spray of Flower 一枝花
10 Hitting Jujube 打枣

By Yungang Sun, Suona, 1 Booklet and 10 Tracks/CD, 48'31", HiFi Limited Edition Version

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