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Havoc In Heaven (2 DVDs) VCT049


Havoc In Heaven is one of the most exciting chapters in "Journey to the West", chronicling Sun Wukong's birth, his apprenticeship, and his bravery in doing battle with the celestial beings. The story tells us that we must live with principles and that when we suffer any injustice or unfairness, we must have the courage to stand up for the truth. The conclusion we can draw from the story is that we must be diligent and eager to learn. Had Sun Wukong not been enthusiastic and diligent in his period of apprenticeship, he would have perished long before under the hands of the soldiers, and it would not have required the might of the Buddha to subdue him. This set of two DVDs comes with a book in English and traditional character. DVD One has the story in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. DVD Two "Let Me Talk" are in three languages with subtitles and Karaoke in Chinese and English. Please note that only non-brand name DVD players can play this DVD. Brand name DVD players will not play this DVD. You also can play this DVD on your PC if your computer is properly equipped.

2 DVDs, In Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese and English with Simplified/Traditional Chinese and English Subtitles, Book: Hardcover, 29 pages, 9.85"x5.6"
Item: Havoc In Heaven (2 DVDs)
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