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Magic Pen VCT057


This is a Chinese puppetoon film about a cowherd named Ma Liang. In the film, Ma Liang liked painting very much, but he was too poor to afford a painting brush. One day, an immortal gave him a magic brush pen that could turn everything painted real. Ma Liang then used the pen to paint for poor peasants. Once, a greedy official summoned him, forcing him to paint a mountain of gold. Ma Liang sketched a sea first, then a mountain of gold in the middle of the sea, followed by a ship. The official couldn't sit still any longer. He and his flunkeys jumped onto the ship to carry the gold. Ma Liang added a few strokes of stormy waves. All of a sudden, turbulent waves were raging through the sea. The greedy official died in the violent storm and roaring waves. Ma Liang stopped painting and left the official’s residence. After that, he was free to paint things the laboring people needed.


DVD-5, In Mandarin Chinese, 30'
Item: Magic Pen
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